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One 8 Se7en Chapter 1

One 8 Se7en
Chapter 1: First Order of Business
Rating: PG-13 for slight language.

In the streets of Tokyo, one of Japan’s top young inspectors was hot on a very important case. She was Aya Sawaguchi and she became known to many as her father’s daughter. Her father, Mitsuharu Sawaguchi, was the most respected officer in the force. That was until a very important case that would put the Shai Xen international crime ring away. What he didn’t count on was his partner, Kenzo Kojima, as a part of the ring.

Trails and clues led Aya to a warehouse near the docks. She kicked the door open and looked around for her father and Kenzo. She found her father...or what was left of him. He was mutilated from head to toe and his throat was slit from ear to ear. Aya became speechless. She knelt near her father’s corpse and cried. “Papa...it can’t be...”

“But it is, my dear Aya.” Kenzo emerged from behind with a sinister grin on his face.

“Kenzo! How could you?” She yelled. “Papa trusted you!”

“That is something I know...and that you will never find out.” Kenzo simply smirked as he walked away. Aya’s tears ran down her cheek as she wailed. When backup arrived, they saw Aya crying for her Papa to stay awake.

5 years later in Los Angeles, a drug deal was going down in the hangar of a private airstrip. Ryan Travers, posing as a representative for one of the supposed buyers, waited for the biggest dealer in the city, Paul Escobar. Ryan was with two other undercover detectives and a hired mole working for Escobar who wants out of the crime world during the wait for Escobar’s arrival.

“Where the hell is this fool?” Ryan muttered.

“Chill, man.” G-Loc, the mole, replied. “He’ll be here.”

Then, three cars arrived on the scene with Escobar and his personal bodyguard Jethro in the middle. The two stepped out. Then, the two approached the “buyers.”

“Got it?” Ryan asked.

“100% pure grade-A Colombian, my friend.” Escobar boasted.

“Let me see it.”

Escobar put his briefcase down. “The greens?”

Ryan snapped his fingers and the two undercover cops opened the briefcase each of them had. “Tens and twenties...used.” Ryan answered.

Escobar nodded. “I think we have a deal, my friend!” He laughed.

Then, they were ambushed by three men wearing black sweats and shades. “Oh shit!” Ryan ran for cover as he and Rosey got in the car. “Go on, get outta here! Drive!” Rosey put the pedal to the metal and they sped out of the hangar.

Jethro and Escobar held off the assailants but the two cops were shot and killed in an instant. Jethro delivered the final blow to the three. “All clear, sir.” Jethro reported.

“Good.” Escobar got up, but was shot by Jethro as a final act of taking over the empire.

A few days after the deal fell through, a bus was making rounds all over the city. Inside the bus were 10 girls from Japan who came over for a school field trip. They were Ai, Risa, Eri, Sayumi, Reina, Koharu, Aika, Chun and Lin (two foreign exchange students from China). They were all led by Yuriko Yamamoto, the daughter of the Japanese Ambassador to the U.S.

“No zenjitsu ni tanoshimi haatta!” (Yesterday was Fun!) Aika cheered. “Watashitachi wa Disneyland nimataitsuka modoru bekidearu.” (We should go back to Disneyland some other time)

“Aika-chan, sou sou sou da.” (That’s right, Aika-chan.) Koharu replied. “Watashi wa rollercoaster saido nori taito omou!” (I wanna ride the rollercoaster again!)

“Yuri-chan, tsugino ikisaki gaarutokoro?” (Where to next, Yuri-chan?) Ai asked.

“Watashi wa tenken suru.” (I’ll check.) Yuriko walked to the front of the bus. “Excuse me. Where we go next?” She asked in accented English.

The driver shrugged. “You wanna check out the Hollywood Walk of Fame?”

Yuriko nodded. “Okay.”

Then, a squad car went behind the bus, signalling it to pull over. The bus stopped and two officers step out of the car. The bus driver opened the door. “Is there a problem, offic-...” The driver was shot by one of the policemen, causing the girls to panic. The policemen were actually goons sent by Jethro.

One of the henchmen shot through the window. “Shut up and sit down!” The girls had no choice but to comply. Then, the grunt took out a picture from his pocket. “Larry, this is it! We got ‘er!”

Larry stepped in. “Now what, Mitch?”

“Drive, you idiot!” Mitch joked as he pressed his gun to Yuriko’s forehead. Larry took the wheel and they drove off. Mitch pulled out a remote and pressed the button, setting off the bomb attached to the squad car and blowing it to smitherines.

Meanwhile in the LAPD Elite Operations Division HQ, Ryan was in Capt. Farley’s office. “How the hell did those three pricks know where the deal was going down?!” Capt. Farley furiously asked.

“How am I supposed to know?” Ryan asked.

“Travers, we’re this close to nabbing Escobar and two of my best detectives got killed.” Capt. Farley put his mug down.

“Well your best maybe wasn’t good enough, sir.”

Capt. Farley sighed. “Maybe you’re right. You think you could do better, Travers?”

Ryan shrugged. “I guess.”

“Good.” Capt. Farley nodded. “Head on outta here.”

Then, Capt. Farley’s aid, Lt. Douglas, showed up. “We have a new case. Apparently, a group of Japanese students on their field trip were kidnapped along Hollywood and Wilcox. A squad car was found on the street blown to bits and the bus driver’s body next to it.”

Ryan dismissed it. “Let SWAT handle it.”

“Here’s the clincher.” Douglas continued. “One of the students is the Japanese ambassador’s daughter. Jethro might have something to do with this.”

Ryan got up from his chair. “Alright...it’s showtime.”

Douglas stopped him there. “Hold on there, cowboy. You need help with this case.”

“Yeah. I’m assemblin’ my boys McCabe and Winters.”

“No, you’re not.”

Ryan raised an eyebrow. “What the fuck are you talkin’ about?”

“The ambassador brought in who he believes is the best guy...or should I say girl, for the job.”

Ryan snickered. “Girl?”