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One 8 Se7en Chapter 2

One 8 Se7en
Chapter 2: Greetings from Los Angeles

After a long drive to the airport, Ryan waited outside a private jet for the arrival of the woman the ambassador got for the case. A few minutes passed and Aya stepped out of the jet. She wore shades and a pink baby tee with jeans and Chucks. Ryan removed his glasses as Aya walked towards him.

“Please tell me you speak English.” Ryan said, which caused Aya to simply look at him. “I’m Detective Travers. Do you speak-a in English?” Aya smiled at him. “Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?”

Aya giggled. “Of course I do, Detective Travers.” She shook Ryan’s hand. “I’m Inspector Aya Sawaguchi of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.”

Ryan chuckled. “That’s a relief. I thought I would need an interpreter.” He led Aya to his Ford Gran Torino. “Put your bag in the back and we’re gonna roll on outta here.”

Aya, dumbfounded by what Ryan just said, tilted her head. “Roll on outta here?”

“It means leave.” Ryan explained.

“Oh!” Aya nodded. “I get it.” She got on the car with Ryan and they headed out. “Where are we going?”

“First thing we need to do is to see the ambassador.” Ryan answered as they headed to the Japan Embassy.

Later, Ambassador Minoru Yamamoto was visited by the two cops. “Yamamoto-san.” Aya bowed, prompting Ryan to do the same.

“Aya-chan.” The ambassador hugged Aya. “It’s been too long.” He released Aya from the bear hug and shook Ryan’s hand. “And you must be Detective Travis Ryan.”

“It’s actually Ryan Travers, sir.” Ryan chuckled. “Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Ambassador.”

“Likewise, Detective Travers.” Minoru replied. “Please have a seat.” They all sat down. “As you know, my daughter Yuriko has been kidnapped.” The mood changed from festive to gloomy. “I fear that this is to send a message to me because of my involvement with the purging of many Japanese crime syndicates.”

“You were responsible for getting rid of the Yakuza, Mr. Ambassador?” Ryan asked.

“Only here in America. It is still existent, but the traces of the Yakuza here are no longer evident.”

“Now that’s something else.” Ryan shook his head. “I don’t think the Yakuza was involved with the kidnapping. I think they just planned the whole thing.”

“How do you know, Ryan?” Aya asked.

“A Caucasian male spearheaded the kidnapping. Jethro, a ruthless cold-blooded hitman.” Ryan put out pictures of Jethro. “I monitored his former employer, Paul Escobar. Escobar was the kingpin of L.A. and was involved with many illegal activities.”

“Oh my God...” Minoru muttered under his breath as he saw pictures of Jethro killing the ones who got in his way. “Is he...”

“Crazy enough to kill dozens of people to move up in the world? Unfortunately, yes.” Ryan answered. “That’s why we have to hurry.”

Aya and Ryan headed out to the car. “Why did you have to scare Yamamoto-san like that?”

“What I wanna know is how you two know each other.” Ryan snapped.

Aya sighed. “His daughter is my best friend.” She got in the car.

“Good enough for me.” Ryan got in and started the car.

“Where do we go first, Detective?” Aya asked as Ryan drove out of the parking lot.

“We’re gonna see one of Escobar’s former employees.” Ryan answered as he drove past a traffic light. “He’s always at Q’s Billiards shootin’ pool.”

Later at Q’s, G-Loc was indeed playing pool with another customer and won against him. “Pay up, dog.” G-Loc taunted as he rubbed his fingers.

The loser of the match pulled out his wallet. “Whatever.” He grabbed 50 bucks and handed the money to G-Loc.
“Alright. Who’s next?” G-Loc was ready to take on all comers.

“How about I play you instead?” Ryan asked from behind.

G-Loc’s eyes widened as he turned around. “Travers! What’s up?”

“Game’s over.” Ryan answered. “I have a few questions.”

G-Loc sighed and laid the cue stick on the pool table. “Fine.” They sat on the table Aya reserved for the three of them. “Who is this?”

“G-Loc Briggs, meet Aya Sawaguchi.” Ryan introduced.

“Hi.” Aya greeted.

“Whaddup?.” G-Loc answered. “Now what the hell do you two want?”

“Any idea on why Jethro decided to kidnap the Japanese ambassador’s daughter?” Ryan began. “That doesn’t sound like the way of the new world or whatever his bullshit agenda is.”

“I still got some people inside who want out.” G-Loc explained. “You help me help them and I’ll help you.”

“Mr. Briggs, we have a major situation on our hands.” Aya explained. “Yuriko wasn’t the only one kidnapped. There were more girls involved.”

“Oh shit...” G-Loc leaned on his seat and took a sip of his beer. “Jethro was assigned to assassinate the ambassador.”

“By who?” Ryan and Aya asked simultaneously.

“I don’t know. Yakuza maybe or someone else.”

“Wait...” Aya looked at Ryan. “Didn’t Yamamoto-san say that he was a key element in the dissolving of the Yakuza in America?”

“Yeah.” Ryan nodded. “They could’ve hired Jethro to kill Yamamoto so they could have a window and seize the opportunity to return to American soil.”

“What you need to do is talk to your boys McCabe and Winters. Bring the old gunslingers back.” G-Loc suggested.

Ryan chuckled. “Good times, huh?”

“Maybe for you.” G-Loc shook his head. “The last time your boys had a full scale attack, a bullet was lodged up my ass cheek. It’s still in there up until now.”

Ryan and Aya got up laughing. “At least you don’t need a cane for the rest of your life, huh?” Ryan patted G-Loc’s shoulder as he and Aya left.

“Where to next?” Aya asked, persistent to find out more.

“We’re gathering my team.” Ryan got on the car and started it. “You comin’ or what?”

Aya nodded. “Hai.” She got in the car and they drove off from the scene.