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One 8 Se7en Chapter 3

One 8 Se7en
Chapter 3: Prime Suspects

Meanwhile, Minoru received a call. “Hello?”

“I hear you involved the cops now, Ambassador.” A menacing voice replied.

“Who is this?” Minoru was already worried. “Do you have my daughter?”

The caller placed the phone next to Yuriko. “Papa? Papa!”

“Yuriko!” Minoru was slightly relieved his daughter is alright.

The caller placed the phone back on his own ear. “You don’t have much time on your hands, Ambassador. I suggest you comply with our demands...or your baby girl will never see the light of day again.” Then, the caller hung up.

Back at HQ, Lt. Douglas called up Ryan. “Travers, I got info on the kidnappers.”

“Shoot.” Ryan answered as he took the wheel.

“Lawrence Jackson, a.k.a. Lo-Jack, demolitions expert, and Mitch Bradley, the muscle.” Lt. Douglas explained. “These guys are Jethro’s top henchmen because they always get the job done.”

“You know where they at now?”

“Hang tight.” Lt. Douglas headed to the COMPSTAT unit and checked for any signs of Larry and Mitch. “COMPSTAT says they’re right inside the the old abandoned construction site near 5th and Hope.”

“On our way.”

“And today’s your lucky day. Jethro’s right with ‘em.” Lt. Douglas added.

“You think he’s got the girls there?”

“Check it out for yourself. Signal’s too weak to figure it out. I’ll send some backup ASAP.”

“We’re on our way.” Ryan hung up. “Looks like we found our men.”

“I hope so.” Aya cracked her knuckles. “I hope Yuriko-chan is fine.”

The car pulled up right next to the cops assembling outside the abandoned construction site. “You have them inside?” Ryan asked as he stepped out of the car.

“They’re not going anywhere with most of the department right outside.” One officer explained. “No chance of escape now.”

Ryan took off his jacket. “Give me a vest.”

Aya gasped. “Where are you going, Detective?”

Ryan looked at Aya as he wore a bulletproof vest. “I’m goin’ in.” He cocked his H&K P2000 .40 pistol and went in with the SWAT team leading the way. “Give me a thermoscan.” A SWAT officer handed Ryan a thermoscan and did a temperature check. “They’re not here.” Ryan split from the team and headed upstairs. Then, he spotted a shadowy figure right in front of him. “Jethro...”

Jethro smirked. “Well, well, well...if it isn’t Top Dog himself.”

“Where the hell are the girls?” Ryan aimed his gun at Jethro, who seemed unphased by the threat. “You better tell me somethin’, Jethro...if that is your real name.”

“It’s funny...” Jethro walked towards a light. “how you try to figure out the identity of someone you already know.”

Meanwhile, Aya was waiting for Ryan and the SWAT team to come out when she saw two men come out of the building. Her police instincts kicked in and she ran to a police radio. “Get out of there! It’s a trap!”

“We gotta move, fellas!” Ryan yelled as he received the radio message from Aya. He turned around and rushed out to the door.

“Where the hell is he going?” A SWAT officer asked. “Wait...” He sniffed the area. “It smells like gasoline in here.”

Ryan was the first to step out and he headed to the radio Aya used. “Dammit, get outta there!” Before the team could make it out, the entire ground floor exploded, leaving no man alive. “Shit!” Ryan threw down the radio.

“I saw two men leave the building.” Aya pointed to where they went. “They went that way.”

“Let’s go!” Ryan grabbed his jacket and got on the car. Aya quickly followed and they were hot on the trail.

Larry and Mitch got on a white van. “What the hell took you guys so long?” The van’s driver asked.

“Just drive, Kenny!” Mitch answered as he closed the doors. “Cops will be all over us soon.”

Kenny sped off to the highway. “How was the show?”

“Shit, Kenny. You gotta ask that now?” Larry chuckled. Then, he heard a siren following them. “Cops!”

“Open the door, Larry.” Mitch ordered as he prepared an AK-47.

“This is Cougar Eight.” Ryan nearly yelled through radio. “We’re in pursuit of a white van with the license plate number 2-Gamma-Alpha-Theta-4-5-6. Suspects were involved in the explosion on the corner of 5th and Hope.” Then, he saw Mitch holding the AK and aiming it at the car. “Suspects armed and dangerous. Proceed with caution.” Ryan put the radio down when Mitch started to open fire. “Take the wheel, Aya. I’m gonna blow this fucker’s brains out.”

“You got it.” Aya took the wheel as Ryan squirmed halfway out of the car window to shoot Mitch.

A gunfight ensued along the highway with people nearby panicking and the shootout caused a massive pile-up. It only stopped when the van took the next exit and was eventually blocked by two cars that crashed. “Fuck!” Ryan got back in the car. “I didn’t get ‘em.”

“No, you got everyone else though.” Aya patted Ryan’s back. “Daijobu. We’ll get them eventually.”

Ryan nodded as he took the next exit. “Yeah. At least I got the license plate number, right?”

“Right.” Aya smiled. “All that action is making me hungry.”

“You’re in luck.” Ryan chuckled. “There’s probably a McDonald’s here somewhere.”

Aya spotted a Japanese restaurant. “How about we eat here instead?”

Ryan looked at where Aya pointed. “Midikawa? Sure.” Ryan parked the car outside the diner and they got out of the car.

Later, Ryan and Aya got their orders. Ryan looked at his udon. “What did you order for me?”

“Yaki udon.” Aya said as she took a bite of her udon.

Ryan was mixing his food. “What’s yours?”

Aya swallowed her noodles. “Kare udon.” Ryan peeked at Aya’s udon and decided to eat his. “Well?”

Ryan nodded. “It’s pretty good. Needs a little hot sauce but it’s good.”

Aya giggled. “I’m glad you liked it.”

Ryan chuckled. “Yeah.” As the night wore on, the two talked about their experiences on the field, from sustained injuries to funny situations.

On one instance, Ryan told a story about how he almost lost a team mate during a raid. “That's why I don't have no partner, that's one thing I learned from my daddy.”

“Your father was a policeman?” Aya asked.

Ryan nodded. “15 years LAPD.”

Aya took a sip of her tea. “My Papa was also a policeman.”

“Your daddy was a cop?” Ryan munched on more noodles.

“Not a cop, a officer. A legend all over Tokyo.”

“My daddy’s a legend too all over America.” Ryan boasted. “My daddy once arrested 15 people in one night by himself.”

Aya wasn’t gonna back down. “My Papa arrested 25 by himself.”

Ryan decided to challenge her with death-defying feats. “My daddy once saved five crackheads from a burnin’ building by himself.”

Aya snickered. “My Papa once caught a bullet with his bare hand.”

Ryan was beginning to give up. “My daddy will kick your daddy’s ass all the way from here to Japan, China, wherever the hell you from and all up in that Tokyo Tower too.”

Aya’s face turned serious. “Hey, don’t talk about my father.”

“Don’t talk about my daddy.” Ryan chuckled as he swallowed another chunk of noodles.

Aya giggled. Somehow, he found this brash detective charming because of his wit and humor. Same with Ryan, even though it’s only been few hours since they first met, he found Aya cute and sexy. They were in utter bliss.

“Ain’t you two cute?” A man joked from behind Ryan. Their moment was ruined by Ryan’s two teammates, Detectives McCabe and Winters.

Ryan shook his head. “I hate you, McCabe.”

“Mind if we sit next to you two?” Winters snickered.

Ryan bowed his head and chuckled. “Aya, these two boneheads are Detectives Brad McCabe and Marcus Winters.”

Aya giggled. “Hello.” She shook their hands.

“How did you two find us?” Ryan asked, still embarrassed.

“Dougie told us where to go. He’s the eyes and ears, remember?” Brad joked.

Marcus and Brad sat next to the two. “He filled us in on the case.” Marcus pulled out a note. “He says we can rely on this cat, Stan Everston.”

“What can he do?” Aya asked.

“He’s a computer nerd. He’s more of a techie than the entire COMPSTAT unit.” Brad explained. “I even heard he got connections with the Pentagon.”

“You’re serious?” Ryan chuckled. “This dude has a hookup with the U.S. Military?”

Marcus nodded. “That’s the word on the street.”

Ryan called the three in for a huddle. “We gotta find this guy.”

Brad yawned. “We’ll find him after dawn. It’s practically 1 a.m. God knows where he could be.”

“Alright then...” Ryan thought of a better time. “9 a.m., we’ll meet up at the Union Station parking lot.”

“Aight.” Marcus slapped hands with Ryan. “Deal.”

“Alright. We’ll catch ya later.” Ryan said as he got up from his chair. All four said their goodbyes and headed out.